MiTek Hardware

Our MiTek hardware makes truss installation easier and safer. And it saves time and cost.

We are proud to use MiTek Hardware with our trusses and we know you’ll enjoy it as well. MiTek Hardware makes stabilization and installation of trusses much quicker than you’re used to. You can reduce the cost of installation by up to 45% with the MiTek hardware we include with our trusses. That’s huge monetary savings, but you also save time, which results in more monetary savings as well. Get quality trusses and savings together. That’s what you want, right?


Using MiTek stabilizers reduces truss installation time and effort, reduces crane time and expense, reduces temporary bracing lumber, and time spent hoisting up temporary bracing. It just reduces all of the unnecessary labor and costs so you can save on your projects.


Having stabilizers on your trusses makes installation safer for everyone at the site and keeps trusses stabilized for years to come, which is safer for inhabitants of the structures you’re building. Who doesn’t want safer? We all strive for safety in construction both for our clients and our teams.


The entire installation of trusses goes much faster with MiTek stabilizers. You can stabilize trusses as fast as the crane sets the trusses. Speed up jobs like spacing trusses and eliminate other jobs like needing to remove temporary bracing before sheathing. It’s just faster with MiTek, which is why we use them.

why do we use mitek stabilizers?

MiTek stabilizers provide a whole list of benefits, but here are the major benefits that make the difference for us and will make the difference for you as well:

  • Easy install: MiTek stabilizers are incredibly easy to install with only a hammer. No nails are required.
  • Exact: no need to guess or measure while spacing, you can mark for the stabilizer on the ground. It’s exact and easy to install when you’re ready.
  • Fast: you can install stabilizers as fast as the crane sets the trusses into place. Now that’s fast.
  • Permanent bracing: say goodbye to temporary bracing. MiTek stabilizers remain as permanent bracing and you can sheath right over the slim profile of the stabilizer.
  • Spacing: get perfect roof truss spacing exactly 24″ on-center with 1/32″ accuracy. Try to be that accurate with temporary bracing.

We hope this has sold you on how we construct our trusses. If you have any further questions or want an immediate quote, please go ahead and give us a call.

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TimberLOK Screws:

We also use TimberLOK Screws because they speed up the installation process and replace the hurricane strap. Speeding up the installation process is a savings for you because you can spend less on labor and complete more projects with additional efficiency built in. This is a win-win for everyone involved and we’re proud to provide that for you.