Oklahoma Trusses

We custom cut our Oklahoma trusses from excellent lumber, for a sturdy fit every time. We start with hem-fir, the best, straightest lumber on the market. Our cutting process is controlled by advanced computer systems, making each cut exact and specific to your project. We do this to ensure precision every time we produce Oklahoma trusses for our customers and for a speedy production process. You don’t want to postpone your project because you’re waiting for trusses to arrive and we don’t want to slow the development of your project.

To begin the process of bringing your project to life, please contact us and discuss the following with our team:

-The specific project itself and the size
-Pitch of the of the roof
-Ceiling inside the structure
-Your location
-Any additional ideas you have
-Any plans you currently have developed
-Width of supporting walls
-Length of tailed lumber trusses

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We know you’re probably teaming with ideas and are ready to kick start your project. We’re ready to bring your project to life, so don’t hesitate to explain all of your ideas. Our team of experts can develop plans for your project and initiate the groundbreaking with our quality trusses.

Whether you’re looking to add a garage, porch, additional room, storage space or another structure, we will guarantee the frame is custom designed and built for your specific needs. With our trusses, we can design a truss up to 60 feet for free span, eliminating the need for support beams and increasing your space drastically.

Do you have a project you’re dreaming up or designing now? If so, let us know how we can help in the development process. If not, discuss your ideas with us anyways and we’ll give you expert advice.