Designing for Truss Deflection in Oklahoma

91370356268-mediumUnderstanding deflection within the design of trusses is one of the most important aspects when considering a truss system.
We spend considerable time determining the deflection, load amount and span of a truss. We review the specs again and again so our customers receive considerable spans, but spans that are deflected safety and effectively.

But first, let’s discuss the basics of deflection of our Oklahoma wood trusses a bit more:

The Difference Between Loads and Deflection:

Let’s start by defining a load and a deflection. A load is the amount of weight or force applied to a wood truss that causes it to move. The movement due to the load is the deflection.

So for example, if you were to stand on a board spanning two sawhorses and walk toward the middle of the board it will begin to sag. The sag within the board is the “deflection.” Your weight on the board is the “load.”

Make sense?

When we design our Oklahoma wood trusses, we have to consider not only the load on our trusses, but also the amount of deflection. If we don’t, the deflection will cause serious harm to the overall strength and safety of the structure.

Designing for Reinforcement:

The single units of a truss system aren’t strong enough on their own to withstand the load and deflection of a structure. This is why truss systems are complex and interconnected because each part and piece has a specific purpose in managing reinforcement.

Deflection causes a weak point within a truss system. However, since we design them to incur certain amounts of deflection, we can spread the load throughout the truss system so no single area is too weak. Therefore the deflection of the system is controlled by multiple areas, which retain the strength of the truss system.

How Do We Determine Deflection of Our Trusses?

That’s a good question. To determine the deflection, we calculate the load amount and possible deflection using mathematical systems specifically for designing truss systems. Everything we do is an exact science. We never leave anything to chance because truss systems determine the soundness of a structure.

Our trusses are always inspected to determine whether a certain deflection can be handled by a structure. Nothing ever leaves our warehouse that isn’t inspected.

We have tremendous building experience and knowledge paired with time to properly test our trusses, examining load and deflection amounts so you receive only the best when your trusses arrive at your project site.

What You Receive From Timberlake?

You receive a 100% customized and engineer-approved truss system for your project, whether big or small. You also receive top-of-the-line lumber per truss and delivery to your project site.

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