Premanufactured Wood Trusses Provide a Solution for Labor Shortage

Premanufactured wood trusses offer a solution to the building industry labor shortage. There is currently a significant labor shortage among home framers and carpenters. Contractors find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the housing demand and operate in a cost- and time-effective manner.

Framing Labor Shortage

“Eight-five percent of builders reported a shortage of framing subcontractors, compared to “only” 77 percent who reported a shortage of framers directly employed,” according to July 2017 NAHB/Wells Fargo HMI study.

This is significant, considering that new home sales were 8.3 percent higher in 2017 than in 2016, reaching 608,000 homes in 2017. This is part of a steadily rising trend since 2011. (Reference)

NAHB/Wells Fargo HMI Study Results on labor shortage

Industry leaders currently focus their efforts on attracting the next generation of builders, but the needs of the industry are changing. Stick framing is both time and labor intensive. Building the American dream is becoming increasingly difficult as job openings are wide-spread. Component manufacturing is providing a solution.

Structural Building Components Offering a Solution

Structural building components such as wood floor and roof truss options provide a significant cost and jobsite man-hours reduction for your home building project.

The WTCA conducted a study “Framing the American Dream”, building two identical homes. Contractors built one home using stick framing, the other using structural building components, including premanufactured wood trusses, both floor and roof.

The home built with premanufactured wood trusses required 183 less jobsite man-hours to erect with a labor cost savings of $3,150. Overall, the home built with premanufacutred wood trusses resulted in a 23 percent total labor and material cost savings, equal to $3,015.

Benefits of Using Premanufactured Wood Trusses

premanufactured wood trusses from Timberlake Trussworks Using wood trusses offers additional benefits.

  • Every product is designed to the exact specification of your project.
  • The latest technology is used when engineering components.
  • Weather is not a factor as wood trusses are manufactured in a temperature controlled environment. As a result, callbacks on materials are reduced.
  • Material shortage delays are reduced, keeping your project on schedule
  • Theft of components from a jobsite is rare.
  • Using wood trusses is environmentally sound as waste is minimal.

Partnering with Timberlake Trussworks

Premanufactured wood trusses are a proven solution to save you time and money when building your home or office building. We would love to partner with you. Please contact us today at 580-852-3660 to discuss your project and get a quote.