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Here at Timberlake Truss Works, we manufacture wood roof trusses for use in Oklahoma, Kansas and northern Texas.  If you’re building a new home, adding on to your existing home or constructing a garage or storage space, we produce trusses just for those projects.

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#1 – Roof Truss Design Process

Sometimes you only have a dream of a new space. Sometimes you’re more exact and have plans drawn and ready for construction. Whether you’re only dreaming or in the design process, we will assist you at any step. We can help you conceptualize a design or bring your existing design to life. Our wood trusses are the perfect fit for any project you have in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.

#2 – Manufacturing: Bringing Trusses To Life

Once the design is finalized and you’re content, we’ll begin the manufacturing process of beautiful wood trusses. Here at our Oklahoma truss manufacturing shop, we use the power and precision of computerized systems for exact cuts. Add the finest lumber and you receive exceptional trusses for your residential structure.

#3 – Shipping: Bringing Trusses To You

We deliver the wood trusses right to your project site. Don’t worry about the logistics. Once the manufacturing is complete, we double-check for quality and precision, and then load up your trusses for delivery right when you need them.

Oklahoma wood trusses

What Makes Our Roof Trusses Different?

Since we are a medium-size, family owned and operated business, we have the ability to customize each truss system completely. That means we assist you in the selection of the right lumber, design for the proper load, crafting different ceiling types, and speeding up the installation process.

We guarantee durable lumber for your project, such as Hem Fir Select Struct, which is the highest quality lumber we provide for residential projects. We don’t compromise on the selection and utilization of the best lumber because if the lumber isn’t quality, your structure won’t be quality.

Ever heard of Stabilizers? Our Stabilizers make installation a breeze. No more trying to hold a nail and hammer or pulling out the nail gun. When the residential trusses are in place, you begin decking. It’s that easy.

To gather a better understanding of the tools and equipment we use from other companies to bolster our quality trusses, please view the PDFs below:

TimberLOK Screws Truss Plate Tech Bulletin

TimberLOK Screws

MiTek Stabilizer Brochure

wood trusses in KansasWhere To Get Trusses in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas:

Have you considered where to get wood trusses in Oklahoma? Maybe you’re not far enough along in your project or you have no idea about trusses. No need to stress.

Our team of Oklahoma truss experts will help you each step of the process. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling our team: 580.852.3660

You can also reach out to us by filling out the contact form to the right. We’re excited to provide the finest Oklahoma wood trusses for residential projects. We smile when you smile.

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