Trusses in Kansas

Oklahoma wood trusses

Whether you’re constructing a new home, storage facility, barn, shed or any other structure, you need a solid frame and trusses. We

guarantee the highest-grade, wood trusses in Kansas for the best price.
At Timberlake Truss Works, we help you design trusses to fit your project exactly. If you’re not sure what type of trusses you need, don’t hesitate to ask us for design help. We work with you to design incredible trusses that fit into your structure.

No matter how your ceiling is designed or how you wish to design it, we can create trusses that fit your plans perfectly. Each truss is unique created to provide optimal support and handle maximum load stress. We don’t compromise on the quality and customization of our trusses for you.

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The Timberlake Difference:

• We select only the finest lumber to use in manufacturing of trusses. Quality materials equal quality construction.
• Our process is cutting edge. With computerized design and manufacturing, you can expect the exact truss you need for your project.
• Every truss is custom made for your unique project and provides ample strength for load stress.
• Our family business has over 50 years of building experience, which proves we know exactly what we’re doing.
• We deliver directly to your project site with no hassle.

Kansas Truss Experts:

If you’ve got a residential or commercial construction project needing trusses in Kansas, then you may be aware of the unique climate challenges. The strong, prairie winds and sweeping rains have been a continual nightmare for builders spanning decades.

If you’re looking for trusses to complete your project that can handle the elements, we’ve got the perfect combination of tailored quality and speedy service.  Our Kansas trusses are efficiently built to save you 23% more than traditional framing. Even at a lower cost, our manufactured truss systems are guaranteed safe and higher quality.

When you need someone who understands the Kansas climate, you can rest assured the safety and sturdiness of our manufactured trusses are guaranteed.

We know you may be itching to start your project or are filled with ideas for a future one. That’s why we’re here to give expert guidance to make sure your vision becomes reality.

Start the Process with Timberlake:

To begin the process of framing your project, we’d love to hear more specifics to help us serve you more effectively. Keep these details in mind when discussing with our team:

-The specific project itself and the size
-Pitch of the of the roof
-Ceiling inside the structure
-Your location
-Any additional ideas you have
-Any plans you currently have developed
-Width of supporting walls

This is the blueprint you need for custom designed, residential or commercial trusses in Kansas.

Have a project you’re dreaming up or producing at the moment? If so, let us help with your design process. We’ll discuss your ideas and together create a foundation you can be proud of.

Call Brad today for a free quote: 580-852-3660 or fill out the form on the side >