Why Choose Us

Quality is always our choice and integrity is at our core.

Quality is always our choice

You will never find cheap materials around here. We only use the highest-grade of lumber for every truss we manufacturer. We don’t even mess with cheaper lumber to make cheaper trusses. You don’t deserve cheap and we won’t give it to you. Quality trusses built with quality materials will last longer and endure the elements better over time.

Integrity is at our core

We do not cut corners in any of the work we do. We are honest about our pricing and the materials we use. We don’t do anything behind the scenes that jeopardizes the quality of your trusses or service. Everything we do is led by our commitment to serve you and treat you as we desire to be treated. The Golden Rule is at our core.

We give you our full attention

There may be cheaper options for manufactured trusses, we recognize that. However, our attention to your project from the start allows you to get exactly what you need so you experience no headaches later. If a manufacturer doesn’t pay attention, they will provide you with something that doesn’t fit your project, and that adds costly delays. We don’t do that.

We get it right from the start

Many people choose us because we focus on getting everything right from the start. We ask more questions in the beginning because it ends with better trusses for you. Just taking the time to know more about what you’re building allows us to serve you better. The start dictates the finish.

We’re your partner

We don’t think in terms of transactional customers. We think of you as a partner because we partner with you on your project to make it successful and on time. Being your partner, we’re more committed to the quality of your trusses because we know if your project goes south then we are at fault in it. We stand with you and are here to make everything as exceptional as possible.