Wood Trusses in Ponca City, OK

Design and construction is a precise skill. You don’t set out to construct a new structure without the best resources, materials and expertise. To craft a sound structure, you need professionals who understand the entire process and who work with you to achieve your specific design.

Here at Timberlake Truss Works, we do just that—we use our combined 50 years of construction experience to offer you the best wood trusses in Ponca City, OK. We only select the finest lumber for manufacturing so you receive the strongest and highest quality trusses for your structure.

Everything begins with attention to detail and we do not compromise for your sake. From the beginning design until delivery, we guarantee a keen awareness to detail unlike any other team of truss experts.

Our Truss Manufacturing Process:

  1. We discuss your design in complete detail or help you develop a truss design that fits your project. Our team is able to create incredible truss designs if you’re unsure of what you need or where to begin.
  2. We select the best lumber for your trusses and guarantee quality materials that will boost the strength, durability and appeal of the truss system.
  3. Through high-tech computerized systems, we custom build your truss system from beginning to end, without compromising on the smallest of details.
  4. Once complete, we pack everything up and deliver directly to you in Ponca City, so you never have to worry about hauling your trusses from our warehouse to your project site. We take care of everything.

If you have questions about our process, designs or estimates, please give us a call at 580-852-3660.

Our team eagerly awaits your ideas, thoughts and questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We will discuss design options with you, provide an estimate for your project and further explain how our entire manufacturing process works. We treat you like family because that’s how you deserve to be treated.

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