Wood Trusses in Stillwater, OK

No matter the structure you’re developing, you need strong trusses that provide stability and strength. Timberlake Truss Works provides just that with quality wood trusses in Stillwater, OK.

Our team of building and construction experts selects the finest lumber for truss manufacturing and uses high-tech computerized systems to cut custom trusses for any and every project. Whether you’re constructing a commercial building, house, storage unit, shed, garage or any other structure, our wood trusses will add the exact touch you need.

Design: either bring your design to us or let us help you design the trusses you need for your project. Our team will work with you directly to develop truss designs for your structure. We have 50 years of building and construction experience that we will put to work for you.

Manufacturing: we closely monitor the manufacturing process using both our experience and high-tech systems to produce custom trusses that fit your structure exactly. We don’t take any shortcuts and only produce the finest of trusses.

Delivery: don’t worry about picking up your trusses because we’ll bring them to you. We don’t let anything subpar leave our warehouse, so you can trust that the trusses we deliver are exactly what you need and want. Just tell us where you need trusses delivered in Stillwater and we’ll get them there safely.

Do you have questions about our trusses or the process?

Please do not hesitate to call our team: 580-852-3660. We welcome any questions or concerns you have and look forward to serving you.

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