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Thank you for coming to Timberlake TrussWorks for your quality wood truss needs in Oklahoma and the surrounding area. We custom-cut wood trusses for all projects, big or small. We only select the best lumber for the job and use computerized systems to guarantee a precise cut every time. You can come to us to pick up your trusses, or we can deliver straight to your project site so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our family business has over 50 years of building experience and will provide you with the utmost in quality every time. We’re aimed at building superb trusses and supplying the materials you need to bring your project to life quickly and affordable.

Give us a call for your project and we will be happy to see what we can do for you! 580-852-3660

**We only service Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas


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Premanufactured Wood Trusses Provide a Solution for Labor Shortage

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Our Service Area

Timberlake TrussWorks in Helena Oklahoma provides the highest quality trusses to Oklahoma, north Texas, and Kansas.

This area includes towns such as Wichita Falls, Lawton, Oklahoma City, Woodward, Tulsa, Guymon, Liberal, Dodge City, Wichita, Hutchison, Great Bend, and Salina. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to send you a quick and free quote at 580-852-3660!


Truss Design & Conception
Whether you have a design or need help with designs, we will help you conceptualize your project and create fluid designs. Our team of experts will guide in selection of the best Oklahoma truss system for your structure.

Truss Manufacturing
We don’t just manufacture trusses – we manufacture them with superb accuracy and detail. Our manufacturing is operated by computerized systems, making the process more exact and custom to your design.

Truss Delivery
Never leave your project site as we deliver trusses directly to you.

Locations We Service

We only provide service for Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas.
Timberlake Truss Works Service Area

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Average Truss Pricing

These are general figures and will change according to whichever supplier you’re working with:

  • Labor costs: 112 man-hours x $20/hour average = $2,240
  • Equipment costs: Crane = $500
  • Total bd. ft. lumber: 10,500 x truss manufacturer’s selling price per board foot: $9,000 to $12,000
  • Scrap disposal cost: 3 yards of lumber x $15/yard plus labor costs: $77
Total cost: $11,817 to $14,817

**Keep in mind that these statistics are for a 2,600 square foot house. Also, these are only approximate values. Labor, equipment and materials vary in price due to cost of living in varying locations. Since cost of living is much lower here in Oklahoma and the Midwest, these prices will be lower than the national average.

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