Oklahoma wood trusses

The Boehs family has a history of building since 1956. This has been a family operated business all its life. Our aim has always been to build strong quality houses out of the best products available. Efficient, friendly service is a big strong point in this business. Family and friends are very important to us and will hopefully remain this way. We look forward to getting to know you as our our customers.

Time is moving forward and with it, there arose this opportunity to build a truss company. Although this is a new company, it is backed by years of building experience. In the past with our building, quality was the main aim. Now the same goal of our company is to continue to create and build high quality trusses for any need that arises. We will build our trusses out of the highest quality grade lumber we can. If you are satisfied and happy with the service and product, then we will be also! If you have any questions about us or our product, please feel free to call us!